Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Super Marathon

Those of you who have trained for a marathon know the time and commitment it takes to train. The hours, the days, the weeks, the months leading up to that one event. Sometimes even years - or decades - if you have attempted to qualify for the Super Bowl of races - The Boston Marathon.

My heart goes out to all the victims and their families! My thoughts and prayers have been with them since the tragic event. And my heart also goes out to those who trained for the event, then all of a sudden your stopped. All that training. The mental conditioning. The physical conditioning. The hopes and dreams shattered. But at the same time you are thankful that you hit that wall at mile 18 and didn't reach your expected finish time of 4:09 - 4:11.  Guardian angels were with those runners. 

I cry just thinking of the three-year-old hospitalized, their sibling who received their Angel wings too soon, and their parents. This is were I begin to lose my faith; and begin to despise people. All I can say is whatever (because a true person with a soul couldn't never think of doing such a thing!) did this there is a very special place in Hell waiting.

But as I begin to lose my faith I realize that there is good all around us! Good always outweighs evil. Thank you to the 1st responders who couldn't run fast enough towards the blast! Those 1st responders of law enforcement, the fire department, the nurses, the doctors - thank you! It takes a special person to know exactly what to do under such stress and disorder. Thank you for helping me keep my faith in people!

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