Thursday, December 13, 2012


It's official! I have been accepted to blog for the Cleveland Marathon. I'm so excited about this experience! Why follow me on twitter? Why read my blog?

To give you a little insight I began running long distances in 2006. My first race was the Cleveland 1/2 Marathon with the time of 2:08. Later that year I ran my 1st Full Marathon in Chicago with the time of 4:49. I've ran about ten 1/2 marathons and three Full marathons. My PR's are 1:53 for a 1/2 & 4:11 for a Full. With all this running you'd think I'd be condition to run a 1/2 tomorrow - which is far from the case.

I just had a baby in August and am feel as though I'm starting running from scratch again. I get winded running a mile and wonder "How the heck did I ever ran 26.2 or 13.1 miles?" I'm really excited to get back into training to lose my last 20 pounds of pregnancy weight.

So if you are running to lose weight, are a busy parent, just began the crazy hobby of long-distance running, or are ever bored at work just read my blog. Relate to me. Laugh with me. Empathize with me. Train with me. And Run with me at the 2013 Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon.

Happy training! :0)

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